The Path Back To Yourself

If you can look at the world and know how much you don't see,

And feel the silent symphony

Trying gently to resonate you and me.

If you can etch your dreams in the stars,

Without fear of being bold,

And fall and get up each time and not worry about the scars.

If you can sow the seed and have the faith to keep on watering

Though you can't be sure that it grows,

And yet know when to command your life and when to be taken by its flows.

If you can feel oneness

By sensing your connection to every single thing,

And offer compassion to those that have a sting.

If you can accept what life throws at you and not judge good or bad

Or right from wrong,

And embrace despair and sorrow, yet always have a song.

If you can know your purpose

And commit yourself to that pursuit,

And never stray from it, though it may put you in disrepute.

If you can do all this with passion, peace and integrity

And feel the infinite energy that flows,

You'll know your spirit is God and joyfully co-create the way your life goes.

~Gavin Lund

Awaken, Discover and Live Your Purpose

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