A Vision Worthy of You

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"My life is rubbish", I hear you say, "Just look at everything falling apart, The unhappiness and the failure, The pain and the suffering".

Cast your eyes to your failure,

And all you will see is failure.

Cast your eyes to your tradgedy,

And all you will see is tradgedy.

Most are blinded by their pain,

But the wise know,

Quality of life is birthed from the womb of experiences,

And experiences are shaped by focus.

Cast your mind toward success,

And all you will see is success.

Cast your mind toward happiness,

And all you will see is happiness.

Your imagination holds the key

To the doorway of your greatest life,

Direct your focus within, to that quiet place,

And seduce a vision so grand, to be worthy of you!

~Gavin Lund


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