Paddling In the Flow

Paddling in the flow.jpeg

Out of the formless

Emerges form, And out of the form.

Flows formless creative energy.

Winter makes way for spring

And sadness for joy,

Night makes way for day,

You work and then you play.

The cyclical nature of everything,

Is everywhere you look.

All things have their place and time

If you listen carefully.

You build your dreams and then,

Surrender to the way in which they come.

For how can you expected your life to follow it's course

If you will not let it flow.

Decide what it is you want

And make your plans with care,

Begin to take some action but always be aware.

For your greatest creating power

Is to paddle in the flow,

Part of it is taking action

And part is letting go

~Gavin Lund

Discover and live your purpose.

#poetry #inspiration #purpose

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