Be the Tree You Are Meant To Be

Be the tree you are meant to be.jpg

A tree is a tree

It stands tall for all to see

Find who you are asnd let that be.

A tree puts down roots beyond where we can see,

They grow strong and deep,

And connect it to life giving energy.

It attracts all sorts of people;

Ones who appreciate and care for what it is

And ones who use it's shade

With no thought of how it was made.

Yet the tree takes no sides

It gives it's beauty and shade

And there's nothing it hides;

Because it draws its energy from a deeper place,

It needs no blessing nor acceptance

Be as a tree,

Discover your deepest connection and energy. Give your shade and let your beauty shine, Because that is how you are made.

~Gavin Lund

Discover and live your purpose.

#purpose #poetry #inspiration #spiritual

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