Awaken, Discover and Live Your Purpose

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As the light touches matter is illuminated

Into dancing animations we are now only beginning to understand.

Beyond the limits of our senses lies a universe so brilliant

Our eyes cannot see.

With our eyes tightly closed

Our mind begins to experience what our senses couldn't expose.

The path back to ourselves opens,

For those determined to ask and still enough to listen.

And starts when we see beyond the limits of our senses,

And know the purpose in our hearts.

We'll never know more aliveness

Than when our light animates the slumbering souls into dancing visions of joy.

For those awake to their purpose, and live it day by day,

Life has a meaning and energy,

The sleeping no words to say.

You've never lived until you've understood why,

And rediscovered the path you chose so well.

Open your eyes

And see with your mind,

Everything that is behind.

For the kingdom of God is every part of you,

To infinity and beyond.

And the infinite power you command

With the entire universe in your hand.

For there is no greater beauty than the fire in your eyes,

The spirit in your soul and the purpose in your heart.

Awaken, discover and live your purpose.

~Gavin Lund

Discover and Live Your Purpose

#Purpose #Poetry #Inspiration #Motivation #Spiritual

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