Discovering Your Limiting Beliefs

Discover and live your purpose

“Beliefs have nothing to do with reality, but beliefs do create our experience of reality.” ~ Gavin Lund

Our beliefs in life affect how we filter our experiences, therefore once a belief has been installed it filters out anything that contradicts it. So it is sometimes hard to think that a deeply engrained belief is not true and real.

The key is to remember that your mind is as programmable as a computer. If you understand how to program it, you can choose exactly what you want to program in to it.

So It is infinitely wiser to evaluate beliefs not on whether they are true or not, but rather on whether they empower you or not!

A belief is simply something that we hold to be true. It also determines what is possible for us and what is not possible.

Ask yourself, “What areas in my life am I not getting the results I want?” Then ask “What is true for me in this area? What do I believe is possible or not possible? What are some things that I constantly think or say in this area of my life? This will help you to elicit your limiting beliefs

Discover and live your purpose!!!

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